Parents Seminars

Join us in the unfolding of a new era of education, as a result of covid-19 and the advent of technology.

Baby Reading programs

The earlier your child reads, the happier they will be in school and the more motivated they will become.

  • All Gifted’s Toddler’s Reading Program

    $360.00 one time (3 months)
  • Baby Reading Program


Kindy Math Prep Program

Our Kindy math program is adapted from our popular Kindy to Primary 6 Singapore math program. Aimed to prepare kindergarten students or younger for primary one school work. Graduates from this program are guaranteed to do well in Primary one to primary three mathematics.

  • All Gifted ‘Live’ Kindy Online Math Enrichment Program

    $500.00$600.00 /term

Primary School Individualized Education Tuition or Enrichment

AGPS is developed to provide accredited and individualized primary school education to students who want to have control of their learning. Students benefit by catching up with school work, or learn something new.

  • All Gifted Primary Program

    From: $300.00 / month and a $700.00 diagnostic and plan one-time fee
  • Primary School Math Diagnostic Test

  • PSLE Math Rocket Program – Guarantee 2 Level Improvement

    $3,000.00 /3 months

For enrichment or accreditation to get into any university

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Family Friendly Education

Discover the joy of learning.

Amazing Results

A whole new world of discovery

CICA Entrepreneurship Program

We conduct these courses to instruct people who might want to achieve financial freedom by leveraging on their knowledge, experience and talents. Our success rate is incredibly high, and we are so confident of our methodology, we are willing to provide a guarantee.

How to earn $500K in 2 years course

Teenage Millionnaire Program

Discover the secrets to financial freedom early!

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Earn Half Million eBusiness Course

We refund you the course fees if you fail to make that half a million in 2 years.

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